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Terms of Agreement

  • The Calgary Art Market is continually testing the platform and the user experience to ensure it’s ready to share more widely. Functionality, pricing and terms may evolve to better serve the users and will be communicated with notice.
  • Not all artist applications are accepted and applicants will only be contacted should their application be accepted.
  • A 10% commission for every transaction is paid to the Calgary Art Market. This commission includes a 3% credit card transaction fee. The payment is processed immediately and paid to the Calgary Art Market in the next billing cycle (up to 4 weeks). Once the Calgary Art Market receives the payment and the buyers receives the purchased art, the Artist is paid.
  • Artists are required to meet buyers within Calgary limits to hand-over the artwork.
  • Approved applicants will be contacted by email from time to time with non-promotional, relevant information.
  • At any time, the Calgary Art Market has the right to remove artists or listings without notice.

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