Day Pajarillo

Day Pajarillo

Cubism focus

The style is different and colours are warm. 
– G.Cap
Interesting, like Diego Rivera’s.
– B. Watson

A University of Santo Tomas alumni, I have a degree in Fine Arts majored in Painting, I worked mostly as a fashion designer for children and women’s apparel. On the side, I teach basic drawing and acrylic painting to kids and adults.

My passion for painting has always been strong, my dad taught me how to draw when I was three and supported my choice to take up fine arts (even though he wanted me to become a doctor.) 

The mediums I like most are oil paints, acrylics, coloured pens and pencils, and ink. My style is cubism, but I also paint impressionism and realistic landscapes, portraits, as well as caricatures. I volunteer to teach basic drawing for a non profit organization called Canadian Artists against Poverty and I am one of the artists featured at The InKubator at the Northland Mall.

My goal is to be involved in communities with similar interests in Arts and creativity and be able to enhance creative live of those who wanted to try their hands on creating masterpieces.


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