Terry Kruse

Terry Kruse

Terry Kruse is a Canadian artist and nature enthusiast living in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Her art is abstract in nature yet she is inspired by the colours and intensities of nature.
Terry describes art as part of her being and her passion for creating art is robust. Colour and even purity of colour are paramount and while she uses a limited palette, her unique method creates unlimited vivid tones rarely available in an art store.

The process involves the manipulation of canvas with intuitive and controlled pouring of acrylic paints, usually requiring several pours, each affecting the viscosity of the proceeding layers. This layering changes the palette, creating vibrant colours with rich hues while showing tremendous movement and depth.

The lively art somehow breaths and has a visual texture with elements, fine lines and blending that can’t be created with a brush. Strong suggestions of movement create a magical otherworld. And because of this distinctive method, each piece is truly one of a kind, exclusive and unrepeatable.

These paintings are large and fit well in today’s contemporary homes that act as a backdrop with their high ceilings and plain walls. Terry’s art is created to make people happy and they tend to make their own stories fit their viewing experience. These works are bright and cheerful and show a warmth that lights up a room.


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