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Ready to sell your work? Let’s do this! Fill out this form to submit artwork to be review for listing on the Calgary Art Market. 

Artwork Details


All photos must be of true likeness. Please ensure your last name and artwork title are in each file name. Files must be jpg and no larger than 5MB.
For supporting photos, please provide up-close/detail shots, different angles, edge profile and/or photo of artwork mounted on wall. Up to 6 supporting photos will be accepted.

Additional Information

Terms of Agreement

  • All artwork is required to have sufficient hardware to be mounted safely. It is the artist's responsibility to explain to clients how to mount the artwork.
  • All artwork is listed with the price and calculated price per square inch.
  • It is the artist's responsibility to immediately remove a listing should it be sold elsewhere.
  • A 10% commission fee will be collected by the Calgary Art Market for each sale.
  • The artist is paid once the art has been given to the buyer and the payment processing is complete (this may take up to one billing cycle).
  • When and if a listing is sold, the Calgary Art Market will attempt to contact the artist by phone, immediately.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure the artwork is collected within 7 days of the purchase date. The artist must be reasonably available within Calgary city limits within this time.
  • The artist is expected to act with kindness and professionalism when dealing with clients.
  • It is recommended to choose a public place (school, library, park, etc.) when meeting with clients and when possible always ensure a family member or friend knows the details of the meeting. Always use caution if you decide to invite a client to your studio or residence.
  • If at the meet-up (and only then) the client’s expectations of the art are not met, they are entitled to a refund. In this scenario, the artist keeps the artwork and is not paid.
  • Administrators may suspend or close accounts without notice, due to report(s) of poor customer service or quality of work.
  • The Calgary Art Market is not liable for any damage, injury or death resulting from the creation, promotion, sale, transport, client-meeting, mounting or maintenance of the art.

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